WP8 2.1 Tableview Extension complete!

WP8 2.1 Tableview Extension complete!
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I’m pretty new to c*+ let alone vc*+ but I have finally converted the tableview extension as an exercise to see if it was easily possible.

After 6 long hours I have completed it, will need a lot of testing but seems fairly stable, I’d like to get the wp8 side of cocos2d on par with android and ios.

Screenshot attached
Vertical and & Horizontal modes both work.

wp_ss_20130809_0002.jpg (109.3 KB)


Where can I download the extension? Thanks.


I have attached the updated extensions code,

I had to comment out some opengl calls, and replace them with what I think was the d3d equivalent, I have no idea if it is correct.

To get it working kazmath c files need updating so they don’t use precompiled headers and don’t consume windows run-time extension.
Right click on the files and go to properties to do this.

Good Luck