Windows stable version for release

Windows stable version for release
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I was just reading “Platform versions supported by cocos2d-x”, and on the windows it says: “stable. But only for dev & dbg, don’t release products on it”.
So whats the reason for not release games on win with cocos2d-x?


Sorry for the delay reply.
cocos2d-x is focus on mobile platform.
You can release it on windows, somebody has done it.
But we are too busy to support for it.


Could you give me some pointers where I should start? I am planning to support Desktop by using SFML. Specifically, what areas should I look at so that I can change.

I understand that desktop support is probably on your guys extremely low priority, i.e. probably won’t see it by the end of 2012. So I would like to get support using SFML and perhaps get it merged with cocos2d-x master if it is good enough.

I firmly believe that once Cocos2d-x gains desktop support (Mac, Windows, Linux) it will be the best 2D game framework for C**. Free open-source, wide-range of platform support, and lots of game engine mechanics already implemented.
You can literally make a game with Cocos2d-x in a day or two, if you understand C**.

So I would really like to help contribute by using SFML to get Desktop support (Mac, Linux, and Windows). I think that using a high level framework like SFML would be great to make the porting process faster.


On windows, the opengl es is running on the POWERVR lib. The lib may not work on some windows environment, the user may need to
update their graphic card driver. As I know, the lib has memory leak problem.

Welcome to contribute for desktop support.


I’m planning to use cocos2d-x for desktop only. Is it true that cocos2d-x focus only on mobile platform? I saw it supports Windows, Mac and Linux.


Is it still true that the lib used for opengl on windows has a memory leak? We’re about to start coding and if we can’t really use cocos2d-x to release on windows, we need to think again…