[Windows] [Intel Perc SDK] Badaboom - Rhythm Motion Capture Game

[Windows] [Intel Perc SDK] Badaboom - Rhythm Motion Capture Game
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Hey guys, how are you doing?

The last month here at Naked Monkey we have been playing with the Intel Perceptual SDK and taking a change into their Intel Perceptual Challenge. As a result we have linked Cocos2D to their SDK in C++ and have build a 2d plataform game.

Hope you guys like it, and let me know if you want to play this beta :wink:



Very impressive!
If the respond can be faster, it’ll be better.


I must say that the way that the camera reacts to the movement is almost instantaneous, it is much better than previous kinect-games that I have tried in Xbox.

Thanks! Hope you guys can try the final version :wink:


hi! how’s your game now?
is it released?:slight_smile:


i want to play this game,can you send to my email:1513070618@qq.com,thanks


Hey guys, how re u doing![](?

The game itself has not been published yet, we are still figuring out some of levels and some extended art. I must say that the game has grow a lot into me, and has become very very beautiful)

Please follow us on G+ so we can delivery a beta on the G+ Page for Android.

And if you really want to have something before we will try to get some plp into our testflight acc, so remeber to follow us into the FB page (nakedmonkey.mobi).