[Win8] Add UI::Xaml::Control in cocos2d-x

[Win8] Add UI::Xaml::Control in cocos2d-x
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Hi all

I tried to Get Dispatcher from CoreWindow on CCEGLView::Create()
But, this is not run at UI thread,
So, I can’t use RunAsync to create Xaml on UI thread.
It will throw wrong thread exception.

Exception Message shown below

First-chance exception at 0x75354B32 in Win8.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: Platform::WrongThreadException ^ at memory location 0x02DFFA3C. HRESULT:0x8001010E

Did anyone success use Xaml Control in cocos2d-x?

BTW, I’m tried to add in-screen keyboard on text field.
I need some hint to do this?



Hi TsungYi Li,

Any luck with yours mentioned problem? I need to get video to be played in a cocos2d scene.


Hi, TsungYi Li,
I’m developing the game using cocos2d-x for wp8.
I want to know how to add IAP/Ad in cocos2d-x.
Please help me.
Thanks and Regards.