win32 window icon

win32 window icon
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Could you please tell me where I can change icon(s) of a cocos2d-x win32 application?
Icon file in /win32/res/.ico only applies to the icon of the executable shown in Windows Explorer.

I figured out that the icon file can be set in /cocos2dx/platform/win32/CCEGLView_win32.cpp in
bool CCEGLView::Create(LPCTSTR pTitle, int w, int h) at
wc.hIcon = LoadIcon( NULL, TEXT (“res\\<appname>.ico”) );
but it only changes the icon of the app shown on task bar, window (frame) icon and the Alt-Tab icon remains the same.



Did you ever found out how to change the icon ? I’m still trying to do the same.


Well I did.

(1) You’ll need to add an icon resource file to libcocos2d.dll (let’s assume it is IDI_ICON1)

(2) Then in CCEGLView you need to load the icon from the DLL. In CCEGLView::Create


HINSTANCE hInstance2 = GetModuleHandle(L"libcocos2d.dll");

wc.hIcon = LoadIcon(hInstance2, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDI_ICON1));

Recompile libcocos2d and you are done.