Why disabling touch events during transitions?

Why disabling touch events during transitions?
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in the function bool CCTransitionScene::initWithDuration(ccTime t, CCScene *scene)
there is the following lines:
// disable events while transitions
I wonder what’s this is for.
I had cases where I did not received some motion events and found out this was the problem. When the user touches down or up while transitionning it is not sent to the game. I only develop on Android for now but I guess this could also happen on iOS.
Also, on android, why is MAX_TOUCHES defined to 5 (TouchesJni.cpp)? I know my device can have at least 8 touches (Iconia Tab A500).

  1. About setDispatchEvent(false), I’m not sure what exceptions will happend if turning it open. Have a try.
  2. AFAIW, most android devices only support up to 5 points.

  1. For now, it seems to work good. I’ve been able to miss more events when displaying In App Purchases dialogs and touching the screen like crazy at the same time. It’s probably not due to cocos2dx, I’ll investigate further.
  2. I see with Fruit Ninja that my tablet can detect 8 touches but when modifying cocos2dx to accept more than 5 touches, I see that my tablet can detect up to 10 touches. You should probably update the code as more and more modern tablets/phones will support more than 5 touches.


I have same problem. I send some event between controllers, and it can not receive when scene does transition. Why disabling touch events during transitions?