Which Tutorial should i follow?

Which Tutorial should i follow?
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Hi ,I am new to cocos2dx, i just downloaded cocos2dx3.0alpha1 and i am using mac .
i can run the project successfully in Xcode.
BUT I don’t know how to run it in eclipse.
Because there are lots of tutorial in wiki but seems all is for old version.
Can anyone tell me which tutorial should i follow? or where can i find how to do it?>


OR follow this:


I’m a newbie too, and I’m creating projects for Android in Windows, but I think those step by step tuts will help you out in your case.


Many thanks, but i had been going through these two page many times already,
But cocos2dx 3.0alpha1 seems too much different with the tutorial teaching.I have no idea for the new system for eclispe now=[