Where is the CCLog output for the win32port

Where is the CCLog output for the win32port
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Where is the CCLog output for the win32port?
I use CCLog to see some data internal program,but i can not find the output in the output window for vs2008.


#define COCOS2D_DEBUG 1
is requried in preprocessor marcos or in your cpp file.


I put the #define COCOS2D_DEBUG 1 in the CCPlatformMacros.h file but Still dont get extra output.

I get a macro redefinition message while compiling.

I searched the whole solution and it’s not defined anywhere else.


Found what you meant by preprocessor macros. Thats where the COCOS2d_DEBUG was hiding.

For people wanting to check their preprcessor macros in visual studio,

right click the project in the project manager, then click properties.

Then select configuration properties~~> C/C++~~> Preprocessor.

and in the right you will have the preprocessor definitions.

Mine was hiding there so I couldn’t define it anywhere else.