What version should I use?

What version should I use?
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So I just found cocos2d-x and want to give it a try, I must ask tho, when on the download page there are 2 versions. One is version 3 and the other is version 2. Which one should I use, and what’s the difference?


There are 4 versions actually, both cocos2d-x (c++) and cocos2d-html5 (js) have a v2.2.x branch and a 3.0alpha branch.

Select the language you are more familiar with first, and then it depends on wheter you prefer a stable build with plenty of docs (v2.2.x) or an unstable release with pretty much no docs but that is definately what the engine will become in the future.

I would advice you to start with v2.2.x, read up the tutorials and docs, and when v3 becomes stable move there, but only when you are already familiar and comftible working with the engine.