What source control engine is better

What source control engine is better
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I am using a Mac Pro to develop an Android/iOS game, I have one project for both platforms.
I was wondering what source control provider/engine is preferred in such case, and if there where any tips to follow when linking to it.



Git is integrated by Xcode. Mercurial should be another choice but I think Git is better for you.


Thanks for your reply.

Can I integrate git with Eclipse as well? I need this because my game is cross platform.


Just try to find some Git plugin for Eclipse, I don’t know if this exists.
But there are many powerful SCM tools under OS X such as Sourcetree so you don’t have to integrate Git with your IDE.


I used github, eclipse , tower, and Sourcetree, and I recomended you SourceTree. This is very usefull, and you can manage “subprojects” easily.


I prefer github. It is not easy to use at the first time.
But it is easier to expand your project and work with more more co-workers


I use bitbucket.org as a git repository because I can have unlimited private repositories without paying. :wink:
On github only open-source projects (without paying a fee)