What .plists used in .ccbi file?

What .plists used in .ccbi file?
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Hello all!

I’am trying to preload a textures in my game. I use CocosBuilder, so I have .ccbi files in output. The sequence that I want to receive is:
0) Player click to the button, and want to switch scene to another, e.g. scene.ccbi

  1. I send request for data for new scene to server
  2. during waiting for response, I want to load in SpriteFrameCache all .png , that used in scene.ccbi
  3. When I get response, I already have all .png files in cache, so it will be load only structure.

The problem is I don’t know how to get list of .plist/.png that used in .ccbi file. Does anybody know how to do that?