What ide for C++ Development?

What ide for C++ Development?
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Hello, anyone know how i can get intellisense for Cocos2D-X ? Can i use Visual Studio just for editing files and get intellisense there? Then build native coud using Cygwin and then build proper code on Eclipse?


If you want to use visual studio, I do know there’s a plugin for VS2010 called vs-android that lets you create an android target platform.

I haven’t been able to get cocos2d-x working with it yet, but it looks promising.
Otherwise the recommended editor is usually Eclipse with the C++ tools installed. There’s a plugin for Eclipse that will help manage compiling native code (I think it’s called Sequoyah), but last I checked it hasn’t been updated at the same rate the NDK has been.


Thanks :slight_smile: I will look at VS-Android


But how to integrate Cocos2d-x with vs-android? I setting vs-android successed, but I don’t know how to integrate with Cocos2d-x.
Anyone can help me?!




I use Visual C*+ for programming and then open Eclipse to deploy/debug on the device. The Visual C*+ and Eclipse projects link to the same cpp and h files.


Hi Kevin H.
I know what you pointed, but I can’t setting environment for Android with Eclipse on Win (no error but when I run application, it show only black screen on both Simulator and real device). I don’t know why


You can have seperate plugins for android and CDT (for c c++) in eclipse but there is one easy and better way if you want c*+ dev…
I think you should try for the Tegra Android dev pack if you want to skip eclipse android c*+ configuration…


Then even you wont need visual studio for c++


vs-android will not work with cocos2d-x, because as far as I know it doesn’t have a way to support the STATIC_WHOLE_ARCHIVE flags that ndk-build does. Without those, only the functions in the cocos2d-x library that get called by the application actually get linked in, and the JNI entry points are missed completely.
I’m currently developing in Visual Studio using the Windows platform with cocos2d-x, using ndk-build and android sdk to install to android device, and X-Code to install to iOS.


Tuan, try zooming your scene out very far using something like “setScale(0.05f)” to see if anything appears. It could be some kind of screen orientation/positioning issue.