What about VITA platform?

What about VITA platform?
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I was wondering why Cocos2d-x doesn’t support PS Vita development, at least the indie PSM development. Why? There are my reasons:
* why not?
* truly cross-platform development should include VITA too
* Unity does
* It’s an interesting platform for indie development

Cocos2dx is great, but I think it should keep increasing the supported platforms in order to keep competing in same conditions with other engines. Just my opinions :slight_smile:




True, but Cocos2d-x team is focusing more on 3D than going cross platform. @slackmoehrle Any developmental news on this??


There have been talks about console support. I am not current on where they stand. We do have a public roadmap and there are a few console items on it. I am not sure how current this it, but I think it is what is being used now to plan development.