Weird problem of including cocos2d.h

Weird problem of including cocos2d.h
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I am not able to include cocos2d.h in any new file. Its not showing any error but I am not able to use CC_SYNTHESIZE due to this. And when I try to go to cocos2d.h via include statement. Its saying “Symbol not found”.
Can anyone help me out as I never faced such problem.
Thanks in advance.


Firstly, please check whether cocos2d.h is in the header search setting of your project.
Secondly, I remember that CC_SYNCTHESIZE is in ccMarco.h (Im out of office so not very certain), you can find the very header file and include it directly.


Hi the problem is solved… I restarted my mac and the problem solved itself… It might be a problem with indexing… :slight_smile: