We found a Bug On 【CCDirector::sharedDirector()->pause()】;

We found a Bug On 【CCDirector::sharedDirector()->pause()】;
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the situation is :

when we have 2 CCLayers
I Use CCDirector::sharedDirector()->pause() to pause the game , then the pause interface show up , there is a button on pauseSence , button : Main (go back to the menu)

`void PauseSenceFather::MainMenuCallBack( CCObject *pSender )


CCDirector::sharedDirector()->resume();  // resume the game
CCScene * scene = LogoSence::scene();


when the LogoSence show up, I click [startgame] button again , and repeat last step (pause and return main menu) , there is the bug , when I try start game about 2 times or 3 times , crashed …

if we don’t use CCDirector::sharedDirector()->pause() , everything is ok , why ?

maybe I should use my pause function ?