Visual Studio 2010 and latest stable version

Visual Studio 2010 and latest stable version
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I’ve been able to run the HelloWorld and Test programs from the tutorial but it will not allow me to create a new project inside the cocos source folder, the cocos application windows never shows up and does not create the project file. The bottom bar of Visual Studio will say it’s creating the project but doesn’t. I’ve check read only status on template files as well. Any suggestions? Using Windows 7 64-bit, with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate


Did you run install-templates-msvc.bat?
Also, you should create project based on your cocos2d-x solution.


Yeah well I just dropped down from the rc2 and went to version 1. This manage to work along with repairing my visual studio.


I have the same issue, the install-templates-msvc.bat does not install the templates for add new cocos2d-x projects.
I’m using window 7, VS2010 and cocos2d-2.0-rc0a-x-2.0, I also tried with the latest cocos2d-x version but I had more problems with that version.