very bad performance motorola droid/milestone

very bad performance motorola droid/milestone
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Hi all,

my problem is that just one full screen sprite drops the fps to 35.
If I draw the background sprite with ccrendertexture it is at 43 FPS. But thats not enough for me.
I want to make a tile based game and every frame rate lower than 60 looks bad and laggy.
I use “background->setBlendFunc( (ccBlendFunc){GL_ONE, GL_ZERO} );” and “kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGB565”

kCCTexture2DPixelFormat_RGBA4444 makes no difference in performance.

I also read this thread:

So I commented:

if (interval < animationInterval){
try {
// because we render it before, so we should sleep twice time interval
Thread.sleep((animationInterval - interval) * 2 / NANOSECONDSPERMINISECOND);
} catch (Exception e){}

I tried to split the background images in for example 16 sprites. But this makes no difference.

With cocos2d iphone the game runs at 60 fps.

I use the newest stable version of cocos2dx and android-ndk-r6b

Is the motorola droid/milestone so bad?

Please help me with some performance tips.



You can run the same app built by cocos2d-x on iOS, I think it will also be 60 fps.


ok I also think so. But are there no more performance tricks to run it on milestone with the same performance?


I don’t have tips to share just the same experience with the milestone droid, it is pretty bad.
If you are getting more that 30 FPS you are doing great.


thx for this replies. I optimized my app and now I have 45 fps with all my background layers and the tilemap.
I think when its finished I will have about 30-35 fps.