[v3.0a]Project name and package are always HelloCpp when using create_project.py


In 2.2, for example we run that python script (must use python 2.x) as:
create_project.py -project abc -package com.example.abc -language cpp
It would create the project with the name and package based on those inputs. Open the proj.ios it has abc.xcodeproj, or in proj.win32 it has abc.vcxproj

But in 3.0alpha, when using the project creator (must use Python 3.x) the project name and package are always HelloCpp and org.cocos2dx.HelloCpp whatever those inputs are (you can see the attached image)

There are 2 project creators, one located in the root of Cocos2d-x folder (create-multi-platform-projects.py), another located in tools/project_creator (create_project.py). I have tried both of them but the results are the same

So anyone know how to fix it?

09-10-2013 13-10-30.png (84.3 KB)


i’m just noticing this today too. it’s rather irritating :slight_smile: everything i make is called HelloCpp. why bother providing a project name on the command line if i have to rename the project afterwards?


Yeah, it surely is a limitation with this script. I took it and wrote my own that did proper naming based upon what you entered on the command-line and then used sed and awk to find occurrences of HelloCpp and replaced it.


it looks like this was fixed in the “develop” branch! :smiley:


Awesome, I haven’t updated in about 20 days so I probably should