Using gnustl_static possible?

Using gnustl_static possible?
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Basically I would like to enable RTTI support but I am wondering if using gnustl_static will cause issues with the Cocos2d-x engine. If so, what are those issues? Thanks.


We have anabled it in our project (Android, Win), but no issue yet.

If somebody has issue, please report it.



If you need RTTI, I don’t think you should replace stl lib.


Similarly, the NDK toolchain supports C++ RTTI (RunTime Type Information)
since NDK r5, but all C++ sources are built with -fno-rtti by default for
compatibility reasons. To enable it, add the following to your module

    LOCAL_CPPFLAGS += -frtti

Or more simply to your

    APP_CPPFLAGS += -frtti

I have not tested for it.