Using CCFlipY3D to flip cards one on top of another

Using CCFlipY3D to flip cards one on top of another
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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use CCFlipX3D to simulate a flipping card game.
In the game, there are a few cards stacked on top of the other, and once the user touches a point,
they move from that point, and some of them flip.

The problem is that if I use CCFlipX3D for this effect, the flipping cards “goes into” cards below it.
Is there a way to prevent this?

I’ve tried settings the depth of the cards to be different, but this still happens, even if the z order is spaced by more than 1 unit (say 100, 200, 300 etc… for each card).
Any idea how can I fix this?
Also, is there a way to make the back of a card NOT be the mirror image of it but a different sprite?

Right now I’m using a scale effect (scale X to 0, change sprite frame, then back to 1) to simulate a flip, however the 3D effects will be much nicer to use.

Any idea what is wrong?



Hi, perfer VertexZ than ZOrder.
Suppose the Size of up Sprite is 40 * 40.
In order to see all the up Sprite during the Flip,
you must assure that the VertexZ of the up Sprite is at least
20 larger than all sprite below it.


Hi, thanks!

It seems to be working, except that changing the z vertex changes my sprites sizes (since they are now nearer to the camera…)
What is the easiest way to make them not scale?

Should I change the projection matrix? and if so how?



In my opinion, the easiest way is Calculating the ScaleFactor after VertexZ set,
than Scale the sprites.But you may need to adjust the Sprite’s position.
I calculate these in this way:

suppose orign position Pos, orign vertexZ is 0, and the new vertexZ is Vz, new position is NewPos;

HalfForv = 30;
ZScreen = ScreenSize.height * 0.5f / tan(HalfForv);
ScaleFactor = (ZScreen - Vz) / ZScreen;
NewPos.x = (Pos.x - ScreenSize.width * 0.5f) * ScaleFactor + ScreenSize.width * 0.5f;
NewPos.y = (Pox.y - ScreenSize.height * 0.5f) * ScaleFactor + ScreenSize.height * 0.5f;