Trouble getting Cocos2dxSimpleGame to build

Trouble getting Cocos2dxSimpleGame to build
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Please bear with me as I am completely new to this. Just trying to go through the tutorial but I get errors when I try to build the Cocos2dxSimpleGame in VS2010.

  1. Copied the “Cocos2dxSimpleGame” sub folder from the unzipped files into the root of my C:2d-x folder

  2. Created a Cocos2dxSimpleGame.win32 solution as specified in the tutorial ( with all proper dependencies

  3. Building the project gives me the following errors (just listing the first few)

c:2d-x\cocos2dxsimplegame\classes\helloworldscene.h(24): error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int
c:2d-x\cocos2dxsimplegame\classes\helloworldscene.h(24): warning C4183: ‘LAYER_NODE_FUNC’: missing return type; assumed to be a member function returning ‘int’
c:2d-x\cocos2dxsimplegame\classes\helloworldscene.h(28): error C2039: ‘ccTime’ : is not a member of ‘cocos2d’
c:2d-x\cocos2dxsimplegame\classes\helloworldscene.h(28): error C2061: syntax error : identifier ‘ccTime’
c:2d-x\cocos2dxsimplegame\classes\helloworldscene.h(30): error C2039: ‘ccTime’ : is not a member of ‘cocos2d’


Well, we have hard work to be done :slight_smile:
I will try upgrade it tonight.


Based on the lastest framework 2.0.2, has ios and android port now.


Wow, very cool, thanks!


Thank you for the great tutorial! Though, would be a good idea to update it with your new code (I spent some time and got it going before I saw this update ; P).


that link is 404…

i have the same problem…
any one can help??