Transitioning the Scene

Transitioning the Scene
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How should i sequentially transition two scenes on clicking an image. Please help me as i am new to cocos2d-html5


there are numerous built in transition effects in Cocos2d-html5, the testcases come with the download has all the sample code you need


Ya i have seen….But i need to transition two scenes continuously one after the other on clicking a sprite.Please help me to work on it.


are you sure you need to transition scenes? if it happens at the same time it sounds like you are doing something graphical and maybe you just want to have a sprite animation that covers the hole screen.


Yes i am sure that i need to transition the scenes. See, on clicking a sprite image i should navigate to another scene by passing through another scene. See, for example, if i am in a scene like family room i should be navigated to scene like Kitchen through a scene like kids room.So, please help me how to perform this.


ok, I think you can do this with setInterval. go to the first scene by clicking a button, pass some kind of flag (boolean if you only ever need to go to one specific scene from that scene) to that scene (you can create a function that gets that flag) and on that scenes load function check the flag- if it is set to go to next scene use setInterval to wait for the time you want the user to look at the scene and trigger a function that goes to the next one. this is just an idea but something of that manner should work.


Ok……will try it out ben