TileMap renders error in Retina Mode on win32

TileMap renders error in Retina Mode on win32
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参见 http://www.cocoachina.com/bbs/read.php?tid-39668-toread-1-page-11.html


Retina mode is designed for iphone, inherit from cocos2d-iphone. While the engine uses auto-scale feature on win32.
The logic in enableRetinaDisplay + win32 is uncertain & untested.

If you would like to debug a retina game on win32, please use createWindow(960, 640) instead of enableRetinaDisplay(true)


Thanks for your reply.

Please notice when set enableRetinaDisplay to true, the window size actually resize to 960x640. Is it necessary to manually createWindow? Anyway, I will have a try.

Additionally, the other elements except .TMX map seem normal. These elements include sprite, label etc.