Tiled - comparing object layer properties

Tiled - comparing object layer properties
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I have set up a tile map in Tiled with an object layer for some blocks which I have assigned the "Colour" property for (green,blue or yellow)

I am trying to use the following code to read the tile object properties and check for a particular colour attribute. 

However, the code within the if statement never executes even though the strings match when I debug the code. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong, or if there is a better way to compare the value of the property string to another string?

CCTMXObjectGroup *blocktiles = tilemap->objectGroupNamed("Blocks");
CCMutableArray *allBlocks = blocktiles->getObjects();
CCMutableArray::CCMutableArrayIterator it;

CCString* sGreen = new CCString("green");

for (it = allBlocks->begin(); it != allBlocks->end(); ++it)

            if ((*it)->objectForKey("Colour") == sGreen);
                this->createBlock(ccp(xpos, ypos), green);              



Never mind, I have solved this.

CCString *BlockColour = (*it)>objectForKey;
if .compare == 0)
>createBlock(ccp(xpos, ypos), green);