This site surprises me a lot

This site surprises me a lot
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  1. The entire download section does not work
  2. There is no mirror sites where we can download files.

Actually it does start download and after few hours (for 1 file ~ 140MB) it interrupts and file downloaded is useless.

Can anyone re-upload CocoStudio v3.0 or v2.2.3, and give me alink please


There is no CocoStudio v3.0 or v2.2.3, that is the Cocos2d-x release version.

If you means the CocoStudio v1.3 (Latest version now), try this site to download.



I can’t be the only one suffering this problem as well. I’m currently on my sixth attempt to download this. Resuming seems to start at the beginning again. A torrent would be a good idea here.