The little bug of CCTextureCache.cpp

The little bug of CCTextureCache.cpp
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Hi all

I find a little bug in CCTextureCache.cpp

line 43:: #include “semaphore.h”

it may be changed to #include <semaphore.h> —> Find system instead of project

if your project have the same header(semaphore.h) name that will leads compiler error


I second this. This caused a problem when I integrated my project with Poco.


#include “pthread.h” —> #include <pthread.h>
#include “semaphore.h” —> #include <semaphore.h>

Where could I find information about bug reporting?
I’m new to the community and I’d like to start contributing to this awesome framework!

Thanks to everyone involved with Cocos2d-x! :slight_smile:


Thank you.
You can pull request by github.
The address is


Thanks Minggo, I will use the pull requests and issues for bug reporting/fixes going forward. For this particular one though, would you be able handle it and put it somewhere in your agenda? (seems too minor) Thanks!


#1073 is created.