The coins in Watermelon Me fail to animate in cocos2d-x JS binding

The coins in Watermelon Me fail to animate in cocos2d-x JS binding
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I run watermelon me using XCode+cocos2d-x on iPhone and Eclipse+cocox2d-x on Android.
In both cases, (both in simulator and devices), the coins are not animating correctly as in watermelon me running on XCode+cocos2d-iphone JS binding.
In fact, animations don’t work at all in the game scene of watermelon. But they do work in the menu scene, and in TestAction.js.

Anybody notices the same thing? Just take a look at the coins in the cocos2d-x watermelon me.


I didn’t notice this issue. Ok, I will check it and let you know the result. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Issue #1641 was created.
And I have fixed this issue at
Could you get the latest codes on the github and try that.
Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:


Thanks for updating!

I’ve pulled the latest code but “scripting/javascript/bindings/generated” is empty hence “#include”generated/cocos2dx.hpp" can’t be found in AppDelegate.cpp of watermelon me.

I guess this directory should not be empty so we can run the samples without manually generating cocos2dx on our own?


You should update the submodules by git submodule update —init.


And after I copied the files in ‘bindings/generated’ from the older version to the new code and compile, there are tons of errors such as
“cocos2d::CCAction* ret = cocos2d::CCAction::action();” ‘action’ is not a member of ‘cocos2d::CCAction’.


Please update your submodule first, don’t use the old binding codes. Thanks.


It works perfectly now, thanks!


Good to hear that. :slight_smile:

唐 悦 wrote:

It works perfectly now, thanks!