test-iphone project on iOS4.2 and xcode 3.2.5

test-iphone project on iOS4.2 and xcode 3.2.5
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hi thanks
just wondering, when i try to compile it (from the latest download) in release mode there are many errors. in debug mode it builds / and runs very nicely on my ipod (4th gen) (other than the parrallel particle test - seems to reset :))
i curious since wondering why the chipmunk test seems slow. this must be because its in debug mode ?
im quite new to this as you can probably tell.


I have tested it on iOS 3.2 & 4.1, but haven’t tested on iOS 4.2
This may be bugs, including release build error & parralel particle test.

chipmunk is slow on all platforms, I haven’t digged into this problem yet.
box2d is faster now.


I also met this question.
in Debug mode its ok, but when changed into release, there are many errors.
most of the errors are “some file could not be find”
I use Xcode 3.2.4 and iOS SDK 4.1


The compile errors in release verion is fixed in this issue #238
You can get the edge version from github and run in release now.