Symbian & MeeGo port

Symbian & MeeGo port
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I’m working on a game on Bada platform and want to port it on Symbian and Meego, on the smaller platforms :P. From what I’ve understood from the forum and the wiki a port on MeeGo is complete or almost complete but not pushed in the repository because of the “deprecated” status of the MeeGo platform.
Is there some way of getting acces to that code for others to use and contribute? I’m also interested in contributing to a Symbian port if anyone has already started, if not I’d like to start my own port.
I’ve also read about people discussing about possibility of Qt port of Cocos2d. My two cents about this: In the short time I’ve used Cocos2d I realized it is designed to help you create 2D OpenGL games fast and it is designed well. Maybe Qt would help with signals and slots and some other useful classes but it just adds another layer between Cocos2d and the platform it runs on, maybe sacrificing performance and complicating things ( I’m thinking here about a paradigm shift between Qt design and Cocos2d design). Looking through the source code I’ve found the framework to be very light on the platform specific stuff ( key handling, touch handling, EGL and so on…) making it easy to port on any platform so don’t see the need for Qt port. Indeed Qt would abstract the platforms ( and it supports a lot of them ) but it has it’s own way of working with OpenGL and don’t know what’s the overhead of that.



Hi, Catalin, I just replied your email.
About this stuffs:

  1. I’ll contact and ask the source of meego port from Intel.
  2. Check if cocos2d-x + marmalade works on symbian