Super Stickman Golf - released! - using cocos2d-x

Super Stickman Golf - released! - using cocos2d-x
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I’m proud to announce we’ve finished our cocos2d-x port of our game! It’s free on the android market and anyone can download it here:

It features both high-res and low-res graphics. In-app billing for in-app purchases. Openfeint for leaderboards and achievements. Lots of other tweaks we’ve made along the way…

Feel free to ask me anything.


Looks awesome! You can add this game onto :slight_smile:
And can you share a blog about the experiences on integrating IAP & Openfeint, selecting different res graphics? This must be very valuable to others in this community.


Are you using Java for in-app purchases and open feint?
How should we integrate them with cocos2d-x?


1st reaction: ho— sh*t!
2nd reaction: you know you could use some fancy stuff now and then.
3rd reaction: and the difference between power when launching into air and when just put-putting on the ground is well, unintuitive


Oh, Dany, giving suggestions is good but please be polite here :slight_smile: