Strange sprite error

Strange sprite error
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I am seeing a very strange bug when testing my game on a Galaxy Ace S5830 Android-version 2.3.6. This bug does not occur on my Galaxy S3 Android-version 4.0.4 or my Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android-version 3.2.

When first loading the game some sprites are missing, but the textures seem to be loaded correctly since some sprites with the same texture/spriteframe as the bugged ones work. After minimizing and resuming the game, the sprites that are on screen will be fixed.

I have added two screenshots that show the problem and I’m wondering if anyone knows what could be the problem, or where I should start looking.

Error 1 shows the game shop with a missing price CCLabelBMFont, Error 2 shows an error in the tiled background sprites. Any ideas?

Error 1: After Resume:

Error 2: After Resume:


Any ideas?


Not very sure what’s wrong in your app, but I know this device uses a very very bad GPU chip.

For example, you can only load about ten 1024x1024 ARGB8888 textures FOR ALL APPS.
If there is already an app has loaded a lot of textures before, after launching your own app, your app will just crash when invoke swapBuffer in GLSurfaceView.

I think you can try to render less sprites and see if those vanished sprite will appear or not.

And I know a lot of developer just ignore this device and make it unsupported in google play.


Ah ok, that makes sense. Was thinking it might be a device related issue, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a common issue I could fix. Thank you!


I have same problem with Galaxy Ace S5830 Android-version 2.3.3


I have same problem on Galaxy Ace. Did you already find any solution?