Still can't set the basics

Still can't set the basics
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So basically, I was going through tutorial.
I am using windows 7.
The problem is when it comes to using cygwin. It gives me an errors which is not an attached image.
Obviously, i try to import (even with error) to eclipse, it builds, but then just gives me some runtime errors.

Any bright ideas?

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Can you attach your file?


Kevin H wrote:

Can you attach your file?

Which make file you are talking about? Because inside my coco directory it finds quite a bunch of them, but none are in generated android project (in my case - “p2”)


Nevermind. Different tutorials give different links to stuff to download. Anyway, I was having android-ndk-r6b, while I needed android-ndk-r8e.

Just a question regarding the porting flow. So, from what i understand, I have VS20xx coco project, I do the programming there, but once I want to move that program to a device, I create an android project which generates java code for an android on eclipse.What puzzles me is what does the cygwin do?


Cygwin takes the C++ code and compiles it to a library (“.so” file). The java code then runs the “.so” file. This is done through the JNI (