Sprite9 Support Question

Sprite9 Support Question
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A user of cocos2d-xna asks:

He has a 50x50 sprite for the button and insets at |>10[ 30 ]10<|. This results in a zero width/height sprite. Is this supposed to act like this, or should the insets increase the size of the button?

When I tried a similar test but used a [30,30,30,30] inset on a 50x50 sprite, I got an assertion because the height had gone negative.

I checked our code versus the cocos2d-x code and it appears to be the same. Maybe we are not understanding the Sprite9 correctly?



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I’m running into a similar issue. I keep getting negative values when i’m using points that are clearly in the sprite? Can somebody make a quick diagram or something, because I can’t understand how this is supposed to function.


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bump! Walzer? Angus? Someone must know how the sprite9 insets are supposed to work. Maybe I should spam Angus on twitter…


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