Spine & cocos 2.1.4 Frame rate drop down

Spine & cocos 2.1.4 Frame rate drop down
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I’m sure that I’m doing something wrong but I can misure a terrible frame rate drop down during animations.
I’m developing a kid game, a king of puzzle game, using cocos2d-x 2.1.4 and I choose Spine to insert into scene little animations.
Than I can misure a rapid decrease of frame rate… that I thought that I was going wrong with my animation so I inserted the spineboy animation (and the code) in place of mine but nothing changed.
At start up frame rate is 1/60 but if a wait and 20 sec it starts to decrease and after 30 sec it become 1/25 and after other 30 sec it become 1/16.
The same happes also if i comment setMix, setAnimation and addAnimation, the CCSkeletonAnimation is freezed, obviously, but the frame rate start to drop down.
If I remove from scene the CCSkeletonAnimation the frame rate is fixed at 1/60.

Please help me… here my code

bool SplashLayer::init(){
   MYLOG("COSTRUCTOR SplashLayer");
    CCSize winSize = CCDirector::sharedDirector()->getWinSize();

   skeletonNode = cocos2d::extension::CCSkeletonAnimation::createWithFile("animations/spineboy.json", "animations/spineboy.atlas");
   skeletonNode->setMix("walk", "jump", 0.2f);
   skeletonNode->setMix("jump", "walk", 0.4f);

   skeletonNode->setAnimation("walk", false, 0);
   skeletonNode->addAnimation("jump", false, 0);
   skeletonNode->addAnimation("walk", true, 0);
   skeletonNode->addAnimation("jump", true, 4, 0);

   skeletonNode->debugBones = true;

   skeletonNode->setPosition(ccp(winSize.width / 2, 20));


    return true;

void SplashLayer::update(float time){


Hey, any update on this matter?

I’m experiencing the same issue, but on emulators only, on devices the GC seems to free whatever is causing this bug, but causing a GC overhead that makes low-end devices suffer a lot…