Spidermonkey bindings on Linux

Spidermonkey bindings on Linux
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Hi guys

I’ve made the Cocos2d-x Javascript bindings work on Linux (Fedora 20).
That boiled down to modifing a few Makefiles and samples and especially modifying the Javascript bindings to handle newer versions of Spidermonkey (mostly missing JSContext* parameters in function calls).

I see that, for Android, Windows and iPhone, binaries of Spidermonkey are in Git.
I’m not sure that’s the best thing to do in the Linux case, as there may be dependency problems and every Linux distro already has a Spidermonkey version in their repositories.

I could update the bindings and also update the binaries for iPhone and others, but I don’t know how to generate thoses binaries. Is there a procedure to do it ?

An other solution would be to modify the bindings so that it handles multiple versions of Spidermonkey.

What do you think ?


Hi, @Bob,
We use the sources in this Repo(https://github.com/ricardoquesada/Spidermonkey) to build spidermonkey.
If we want to add linux support. We should add js/src/build-linux/build.sh script for it.
Could you please send a PR to that repo ?
Yep, we need to use the same version of spidermonkey.


Hi, I did not saw this thread, so I have submited a pull request that also brings Linux javascript bindings support :slight_smile:
lebauce, maybe you can review it or complete it ?


Merged. Thanks.