Some doubts about SQLite and Blackberry

Some doubts about SQLite and Blackberry
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Hi All

Im Gustavo Barrientos, lead developer of Acid Studios(Mexico based game/app development studio), I have some doubts about SQLite and Blackberry implementation, first of all, with SQLite, we created a Database Helper for our game, but, we have a game.sqlite file in our Resources, when we try to copy the file to writable location(via CCFileUtils::sharedFileUtils()->getWriteablePath()) when the code open the file, fails to open it, don’t locate it, obviously, the file created isn’t a SQLite 3 File Format.

Second, we create a Blackberry Project(For Tablet, but we want to test in BB10 device), and my project doesnt recoignaize #include “cocos2d.h” statment, I mean we created wrong the project.

Sorry for my bad english guys