Slow sound effect performance on iPad.

Slow sound effect performance on iPad.
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We’re creating a game using the HTML5 framework (v2.1.0) for PC and iPad.
The game consists of only a few sprites and a few HUD elements, this runs stable @60 fps on the iPad2 in safari.
But we’re noticing a major frame drop when we try to play a simple sound effect. (from 60 to 15-20 fps when a single sound effect starts playing.)

We are using 3 different audio files:
HUD_select.mp3, HUD_select.ogg and HUD_select.wav, with 128kbps bitrate. (Of which the iPad seems to load the mp3 file)

We’re preloading the audio using the following line:
{type:“effect”, src:“res/Audio/HUD_select”}

The effect is started using the following line:

Are we missing something? Or is there a way to improve the performance of the AudioEngine?


Thanks for reminding us about this bug. It is a little strange.

We will take some test about it. I will reply you if I have some result .


This appears to be a “feature” of Mobile Safari.

There is a good article on IBM’s website about HTML5 audio, see