SimpleAudioEngine, feature request

SimpleAudioEngine, feature request
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What about adding to playEffect loop parameter?

I want to run looped sound of ticking clock :slight_smile:


Many developers ask for this feature. Let me discuss it with Ming


Thanks for your advice. Feature #633 created.
Please feel free to update issues, add your comment & feedback.


Thank you :slight_smile:


#633 resolved.


Hm-m, feature is working, but
take for example and play it with loop=true, and than listen how this looped sound played with player like Winamp.
It’s differents…


Great, i implemented that bit for me a couple of days ago…

I have to check the forums more often :smiley:


Marat Yakupov
Could you explain what the difference is?


In sounds from pc-speakers that my ear hears :slight_smile: This made feature unusable for me.


Hi, Marat. I just add the test case of play effect repeatly in CocosDenshionTest. It works well on ios. But I have no win32 environment now.
If your target platform is ios or android, I suggest you to test this feature on target mobile platform first, and ignore the difference on win32 platform briefly. I will check the win32 playback before version release.


Hm, i’m tested only on win32. Ok, thanks for reply :slight_smile: