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It’s still working in progress.

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Just signed up… would love to see Mac version! :slight_smile:


A mac version would be the best thing to happen to cocostudio.


Any news for mac version? I think a editor support physics, html 5 will be very popular and replace the cocosbuilder.


we need the mac version


I second this, is impossible to use CocoStudio under parallel, the latency to edit a field is awfully high.
wolverineun _ wrote:

we need the mac version


Just signed up!
waiting for Mac Version… :smiley:


My team is looking forward to the mac version eagerly!


looking forward for the mac version… thanks


Any idea when the mac version is coming for cocostudio?


Eagerly waiting for osx version :;ok


c’mon people its 6 months already and the scheduled May release of CocoStudio/Mac is still awaited! :slight_smile:


Any news on the mac version?


Not an update, but a tip: I was able to install and run CocoStudio 1.4 on an iMac by running Windows 8.1 32-bit Enterprise Evaluation ( free for 90 days) in VMWare Fusion ( free for 30 days). From another thread, it seems it must be the 32-bit version, and from my own experience you need to install the VMWare Tools in Windows for the apps to run. I haven’t fully tested it out so I don’t know if it fully works, but I was able to launch the Animation Editor and play around with that.

Hopefully the 30 days will be enough to get me through till CocoStudio for Mac is available.

On a side note, since CocoStudio is free, Why not open-source it and we can help make it better?


I use VMWare Fusion 6 (paid) on my MacBook Pro with Windows 8.1 64-bit (paid) and CocosStudio 1.4 runs fine.


We are now in to June. Please give us an update so we can at least try to plan our next project accordingly.


Honestly I’ve thought about porting SpriteBuilder to cocos2d-html5 to support cross-platform by way of node-webkit or similar technologies while also allowing to host on local or remote server where you can save changes (ideally with revisions or at least versions - similar to or others like it)

Will have to see where this goes, hopefully they consider open sourcing it as I’m sure many of us would help out since SpriteBuilder has moved toward only supporting Cocos2d-Swift and SpriteKit, so if anything I plan to port (or find a port) for the latest SpriteBuilder reader class to continue using it.

Either way I think any editor toward the future should render the scene using cocos2d-x/html if not already so we can add support like attaching shader programs to nodes as well as lighting effects once they’re supported in 3.2



I understand that the team is busy, but a little update now and then would be very welcome.


SpriteBuilder is a good alternative but I doubt there’s an up to date reader class for cocos2d-x.


I’ll see if I can get an answer on how things are going. Does anyone have any specific questions/concerns?