share a soft for lua developer/分享一款lua/C++开发的辅助工具

share a soft for lua developer/分享一款lua/C++开发的辅助工具
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It is hard to remember so many c/c*+ classes, functions, and variables in any lua editor without code-completion. This software can not embed code-completion into any lua ide, but it can show an always on top window show all classes, members and functions which you have defined in .pkg files, supporting fuzzy search.
In addition, a .proto file can be parsed in this small tools also.
This software is a free-to-use software, means you can use it anywhere for any legally usage without modification.




good, I use it, If it can do with an text editor such as EditPlus, It become more perfect.


Great job!

Sometimes, I used Notepad++, which supplies simple auto-complete. And the pkg files are very good manual.