Setting up a colaborate development environment for multiple systems

Setting up a colaborate development environment for multiple systems
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Hi folks,

I am starting a project with some other guys using cocos2d-x.Since some of the developers are using macs and some other windows I am trying to figure out a way to create the cocos2d-x project and folder structure so that both partys can work on it.
It was no problem to create a HelloWorld sample project for windows or mac but I still couldn’t find out a way so that both can work on the same project.

On windows I just added a project with the cocos2d-x template wizard.The problem there is that I will have alot of stuff that I dont need like those sample projects/chipmunk and so on. I tried to create an empty win32 project and adding all dependencies/libs/addition includes afterwards… but I did not get it working somehow.
I am wondering what the smallest visual studio solution setup may look like.

I am also not sure if there is any preferred folder structure regarding that the whole project should be on github.

I hope you guys can help me, any help is much appreciated.




If the folder structure in samples/Cpp/TestCpp works for you, then refer to [[How to create a multi-platform project in one command line]]. This is available on edge version on github.


Thank you for the quick answer.I was aware of the project creator script but since it was not part of the .zip cocos2dx I thought its probably outdated.
However this is exactly what I was looking for and after cloning the cocos2dx repo I was able to create the projects on my mac with pyhton 2.7.2.

On a side note: I was not able to run the script on my windows7 machine with pyhton 3.3 installed. Error was: Syntax error ^

Thank you, you helped me a lot but I have another question regarding the git structure.I know thats more a git related problem but maybe someone can help me here though.
Since our project will be on github I would like to have the complete cocos2dx framework also in our repository but I also want to be able to pull new cocos2dx updates.
Normally, when I would using any frameworks, libs etc. I would just add a git submodule to my existing repository.But in this case its more complicated, since all the cocos2dx stuff would be first in the repository and our project is more part of cocos2dx than the other way round.
Maybe someone has any solution for having everything including the cocos2dx engine in one new repository but still be able to pull cocos2dx changes.
Thank you in advanced.


I wrote a tutorial for set up development environment for cocos2d-x on collaborate development environment for multiple systems, such as Ubuntu, OSX and Windows.