setPosition vs moveTo (version 3.0 alpha 0)

setPosition vs moveTo (version 3.0 alpha 0)
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Please ignore the fact that this code is in lua it is easy to read.
The code works perfectly with setposition.
My problem is that using moveTo the sprite is not moved to the right place once in a while. Is this a known problem in version 3.
The problem occurs on both window and android. It occurs a lot but randomly.

I do not mind tracking it but if there is a fix it would be easier.
Any hint welcome.
note: game.position(row,column) returns x,y position for the sprite.

local TestWithSetPosition = true
local function runSequence(cristalSprite, nr, nc, delay)
    local nx, ny = game.position(nr, nc)
    if TestWithSetPosition then
        local action = CCMoveTo:create(0, CCPoint(nx, ny))