setIsKeypadEnabled error

setIsKeypadEnabled error
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Hi Guys,

I am trying to make back button work but I am having an error when I call setIsKeypadEnabled() method.
This is what I did.

  1. My MainMenu inherits from cocos2d::CCLayer
  2. I added a virtual void keyBackClicked(); in MainMenu.h
  3. Then in MainMenu.cpp I added this->setIsKeypadEnabled(true); in MainMenu::init()
  4. added a method:
    void MainMenu::keyBackClicked() {

But when I try to build it, it says
“class MainMenu has no member named setIsKeypadEnabled”

What am I missing? tia


anyone? :frowning:


really need your help guys, hope someone could answer.




wow! thank you man… now it works… love you man I’m gonna kiss you if I could lol…
really appreciate it. tnx :slight_smile: