Sequential actions on different nodes

Sequential actions on different nodes
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CCSequence is used for Sequential actions on single node.
How can I implement Sequential actions on different nodes?
Using CCCallFunc to start a new sequence on a different node is a solution.
Is there any better solution to solve this problem?


You can use CCTargetedAction

// Scale up to 200%
CCScaleTo * scale1 = CCScaleTo::create( 1.0f, 2.0f );

// Scale up to 300%
CCScaleTo * scale2 = CCScaleTo::create( 1.0f, 3.0f );

// Change target for scale2 to sprite2
CCTargetedAction scaleTarget = CCTargetedAction::create( sprite2, scale2 );

// sprite1 will run scale1 then after that sprite2 will run scale2
sprite1 -> runAction( CCSequence::createWithTwoActions( scale1, scaleTarget ) );


Lance Gray wrote:

You can use CCTargetedAction

Thanks very much :slight_smile: