report 2 bugs about 2.0.4

report 2 bugs about 2.0.4
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1.use CCLabelTTF::labelWithString(const char string, const CCSize& dimensions, CCTextAlignment hAlignment, const charfontName, float fontSize) to show multi-line row,
this method will lose a charactor in every row;
2.CCLabelAtlas *lbl = CCLabelAtlas::labelWithString(“0”, “number.png”, 18 , 20 , ‘.’);
and the set lbl->setString(“34”);
the lbl will only show 3,also lose a charactor.
I test these 2 bugs on MI-ONE Plus.


You can use latest java codes to have a try.


to Minggo Zhang,not works…
wait for next stable version


It’s the issue I met 3 months ago. See my fix here.
It’s sad that it hasn’t been fixed by cocos2d-x team.