Regarding TiledMaps

Regarding TiledMaps
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Hi all

I’m using 0.8.2 version of cocos2dx. I am having a weird problem whenever I am trying to add a tile map to the sample of the scene. I am getting an assertion failure

Assertion failed: (compression “” || compression “gzip”), function startElement, file /Users/abhishek/code/TiledElect/libs/cocos2dx/tileMap_parallax_nodes/CCTMXXMLParser.cpp, line 394.

But the same tile map I am able to load in my cocos2d project. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

This is the code I am using

const char* c=“Sample.tmx”;
CCTMXTiledMap *tileMap = CCTMXTiledMap::tiledMapWithTMXFile©;


Sorry i figured out my mistake I was using the wrong compression technique.