Random Freeze on Android

Random Freeze on Android
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When I run my game on my Android tablet, the application randomly freezes during gameplay and displays no output on logcat about what has happened.

I have tried to pinpoint when this happens but it seems to be random circumstances each time and I am wondering if anyone has run into this problem before or may be able to suggest other places to search because I am lost!

I would show some code…but I have no idea what would be best to show, I know it can’t be the init because my game scene loads perfectly.

My game runs fine on Win32 but I cannot test on iOS due to not having a mac.

Any advice appreciated, thanks =D


Can you please post solution here i m also having same issue.

Thank you.


How long is this freeze?

If its just for 1 second or less (more like a stutter) then check out:-


When i try to load game data,then current screen hangs for sometime around 1 sec.

Thank you.