"RAGE OF WAR" Game in Cocos2D-X , Box2D with sample Code

"RAGE OF WAR" Game in Cocos2D-X , Box2D with sample Code
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RAGE OF WAR Game developed in Cocos2D-X and Box2D using MS Visual studio 2010 C++.

These game cover following feature:

  • Open source
  • Sound effects and background music
  • Particle effects
  • Multiple layers and scenes for different screens
  • heads-up display (HUD)
  • Simple sprite animations
  • Basic collision physics using Box2D
  • Game world parallax scrolling
  • rule based system
  • finite state machines
  • simple body dynamics
  • ragdoll body physics using box2D joint
  • using joystick Mouse ,Key board
  • texture generation with noise
  • Progression
  • plist
  • multiple modes
  • multiple player types

Detial Article and Download Code link and video on following link :

Developer Profile:

Usman Ali & Shamsa Abid


Thank you for your sharing.


Do you have any plan to update it with latest cocos2d-x 2.0.4?