[Question] How to use toLua++ ?

[Question] How to use toLua++ ?
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Hello everyone,
I want to use my class in LUA .I followed some tutorial , everything is ok,but at the end, tutorial tells that I should change “Build.sh” ,I can’f find it in folder。
The folder contains “basic.lua” “build_macosx.xml”,“build.php” “build.xml”,and when I double click tolua**,it shows
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XXX-Pro:~ wangzhexian$ /Users/XXX/Desktop/cocos2dx/tools/tolua**/tolua*+ ; exit;
usage: tolua*+ [options] input_file

Command line options are:
~~v : print version information.
~~o file : set output file; default is stdout.
~~H file : create include file.
~~n name : set package name; default is input file root name.
~~p : parse only.
~~P : parse and print structure information (for debug).
~~S : disable support for c*+ strings.
~~1 : substract 1 to operator : add extra values to the luastate
~~t : export a list of types asociates with the C*+ typeid name
~~q : don’t print warnings to the console
-h : print this message.
Should the input file be omitted, stdin is assumed;
in that case, the package name must be explicitly set.


Can some one help me to use tolua++ in cocos2d-x version 2.0.3 ?


No one Knows?


May be your engine version is old, you can try build.php.