Putting assets on a subfolder

Putting assets on a subfolder
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Hello, first of all thank you for a wonderful engine!

I was able to run the Helloworld sample for win32 and NDK just fine, but I’m having problems with NDK when I attempt to move “HelloWorld.png” to a subfolder.


Of course I also updated the code:

// add “HelloWorld” splash screen"
CCSprite* pSprite = CCSprite::spriteWithFile(“Images/HelloWorld.png”);

Next i compiled build_native.sh and I see that “/Images/HelloWorld.png” is created in the /assets" folder; rebuilt and ran from eclipse, but this time all I get is a black screen that disappears in a second. I could only assume the application crashed.

Has anyone encountered this before?


I think these questions may help you.

  1. Have you succesfully run HelloWorld?
  2. Did the .cpp been rebuilt?
  3. Did the new .so and resources packed into .apk.


To answer the questions:
1.) Before modification, I can run HelloWorld for both win32 and NDK. After modification I can still run Win32 but NDK crashes.
2.) build_native.sh lists all CPP files compiled and no error was displayed.
3.) There’s libhelloworld.so and others inside .


Sorry I forgot to mention that I was working on a copy of the HelloWorld sample. I renamed some stuff (e.g. the APK) so I’m suspecting I broke some sort of link between the project name and the resources.


Did the resources lie under assets/Images/?


Care about the character capitalization.